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There are three easy ways to book a Our holiday. Once you have chosen the tour you would like to book on simply do one of the following:
1. Online
Navigate your way to the relevant tour page and click the ‘BOOK HOLIDAY NOW’ button departure date. Then select the departure you require and click ‘BOOK TOUR’. Fill out your details on the secure online form and submit the booking.
2. Over the phone
Call our friendly staff on +977 (0) 1 4499276. to get our account number.
3. Through the post or email
Get an up-to-date booking details (by phoning us on +977 (0) 1 4499276 or by emailing). Once we receive your booking through email or post, we will contact you within one working day..
Then what happens?
Once we have received your booking we will confirm it and send you all the further details necessary for you to prepare for your holiday. We aim to confirm bookings within a week, with many taking just a day or two.
Can I speak to the tour manager about my tour?
Yes – at any time. Our operations managers have specialist geographical and logistical knowledge built up over many years of organising holidays trips from Unlimited Sherpa Expeditions, independent travel and tour leading. When you phone us, just tell us which tour you are interested in and we’ll put you in touch with the relevant operations manager.